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Cone BBQ & Firepit

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The charcoal grill with the convenience of a gas grill

CONE BBQ & firepit takes charcoal grills to the next level! Thanks to a simple mechanism, the charcoal grate is directly height adjustable. The higher you move the charcoal grate towards the food, the more heat it gets! If you want to reduce the heat, simply lower the charcoal grate. As the distance increases, the air supply is reduced and the heat decreases. In the lowest position, the air vents are closed, you have the maximum distance between the heat source and food, and the heat is at its lowest. You can operate this intuitively, controlling the heat as and when you need to with one hand. Continuously adjustable between minimum and maximum – just as effective and convenient as a gas grill – but with a 100% BBQ taste! And after the BBQ?


CONE is a charcoal grill pro and a stylish fire basket!

After your BBQ, transform CONE into a fire pit in no time at all! Move the ash bowl right to the top and create a unique atmosphere with just a little wood. The perfect end to your BBQ!


Completely made of stainless steel

Cooking grate size 44cm

incl warming rack

Lid thermometer

Dimension 60cmx60cmx105cm

Cone BBQ €860

Timber side board €85

Cast grill €170

Cover €85

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