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Henley Elm 8kw Pellet Stove


Introducing the Elm 8 Pellet Stove, a powerful and efficient heating solution for your home. This pellet stove is designed with special features that make it stand out from the rest. With a reinforced steel structure and a cast iron brazier, the Elm 8 Pellet Stove is built to last.The removable burner bowl and ashtray make cleaning a breeze, while the painted steel covering adds a sleek and modern look to any room. The 18 kg storage container allows for 9 to 30 hours of continuous operation without the need for refilling, providing convenience and ease of use.Featuring an enhanced thermal exchanger, the Elm 8 Pellet Stove maximizes heat output while minimizing fuel consumption. With 5 combustion levels and 5 ventilation speeds, you have full control over the temperature and airflow to create the perfect atmosphere in your home.The daily time settings allow you to program the stove to turn on and off according to your schedule, ensuring a warm and cozy space when you need it most. You can easily operate the stove through the control panel with display or use the convenient remote control for added convenience.


Special features include
• Reinforced steel structure,
• Cast iron brazier,
• Removable burner bowl & ashtray,
• Painted steel covering,
• Enhanced thermal exchanger,
• 5 combustion levels and 5 ventilation speeds,
• Daily time settings,
• Operation via control panel with display or
conveniently via remote control.

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