Why buying an electric fire is a good idea!

Electric fires are essentially electric heaters that recreate the appearance of a fireplace burning wood, coal or gas. This is usually achieved by placing a heater around a fireplace display that incorporates a flame effect and usually a fuel bed, too.

Many people assume that electric fires do not generate heat. Whereas, in fact, the heater creates a substantial amount of warmth. On many electric fires, the flame effect can be used independently of the heater so that on warmer days, the flame effect can be used to create a cosy atmosphere even when additional heat isn’t required.

There are several types of electric models to choose from:

  • Built in electric 
  • Wall mounted electric 
  • Freestanding electric 

Advantages of buying an electric fire:

  1. No cleaning required 

If you have an open fire, then the cleaning and maintenance can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore. You have grates to clean, ash to scoop out and chimney sweep maintenance, however with an electric fire, you don’t have any of that. 

  1. No chimney required

No fuel is burned with an electric fire and therefore there is no need for a flue. 

As such, you can put an electric fire just about anywhere, in any property.

  1. Electric Fires are 100% efficient

As we’ve just established, a chimney isn’t required for an electric fire. This means that no heat is lost up the chimney, which is the case for solid fuel fires and most gas fires.

This means that 100% of the heat from an electric fire goes into heating the room, making them fully efficient.

  1. Easy Installation 

An electric fire is very easy to install. At the most basic level, all you need is a plug socket. Switch it on and it’s ready to go. You may choose to put some decorative detailing around your electric fire that lengthens the installation process slightly, but it’s still far easier to set up than other types of fires.

  1. Safety

An electric fire is far safer than other types of fires. The appliance doesn’t get as hot as other forms of heating and there are no real flames, so there is a much lower chance of anyone getting burned.

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